Client Testimonials

The following are a few testimonials from some of the outstanding people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Please keep in mind that individual results may vary – some of these folks simply wanted to learn how to exercise; others had serious painful conditions and wanted a second opinion; many just felt a little tight and a little concerned with how their posture looked in photographs.  All of them were interested in physical health and independence for the long haul – aging gracefully.  If you are interested in learning if working together would be beneficial for you, please consider a trial session.

“Jason used a combination of bodywork, education and customized exercise to help me tame a chronically bad back and get into the best shape of my life. He has also been great at keeping in touch with me over time as he has continued to refine his approach.  And when he has felt that someone else is better suited to help with a particular problem, Jason has offered solid referrals. He’s also a good guy and a pleasure to work with.” – J.M., Freelance Writer

“I first came to Jason in order to seek relief from recurring back pain.  After a number of bodywork sessions and a regimen of stretching exercises I was relieved of the pain.  Since then I have become a personal training client, with excellent results.  Jason is a thoughtful and innovative professional, and I would recommend his services without reservation.” – T.R., Real Estate Broker

“Jason is an exceptional person: thoroughly delightful — and delightful to work with — who is dedicated to his craft, namely helping people live healthier, more comfortable lives.  The main reason to see him is that he’s very good at what he does, i.e. very helpful!, and I say this not only from personal experience but also from friends I have referred to him.” W.Y., Ph.D.

“Jason is one of the more present, thoughtful bodywork practitioners I know. From the first time I met him I was struck with his natural curiosity about biomechanics & anatomy, coupled with a genuine commitment to helping his clients find ways to feel better in their own skin.  He is a good listener, patient, unpretentious in that he doesn’t assume to know the answer right off the bat without thorough consideration, and highly skilled in multiple modalities I highly recommend his services.” – S.A., Pilates Instructor

“I went to Jason over a year ago to see if he could help me with chronic neck pain I was having, after having tried physical therapy and massage therapy to no avail.  Jason’s integrated and practical approach to movement, strength and targeted body work appealed to me so I commenced a weekly session with him that has paid off enormously.  Not only did my neck issues gradually disappear over the course of 4 months, I also found my strength, focus and coordination levels greatly improved.  Jason is extremely well versed and credentialed in personal training and massage therapy and has been able to personalize a program that is entirely relevant to my  condition and objectives.  I enjoy working with him personally and, as a business person, am very impressed with the professional way he runs his practice.” D.C., CEO

“I came to see Jason a few years ago because of chronic lower back pain.  At this point I had been to see 3 physicians and two physical therapists who had been unable to help.  As a young, physically fit individual, these experiences had been particularly frustrating and I had all but lost faith in the medical community.  Jason was different.  He was able to analyze the muscular and flexibility imbalances in my hips and back and not just provide pain relief, but actually begin to solve the underlying problems.  I noticed an immediate improvement and then made rapid gains in only 4 or 5 sessions.  It feels amazing to be pain free and I cannot recommend him enough.” – D.H., Media Strategist and Consultant

“When you visit Jason you are working with a rare individual who listens and cares about what your body has to say.” – T.M., Vice President of Sales

“Jason Wright is a great therapist who understands the human body from years of study and who applies his skills to alleviate stressed areas through directed massage techniques. It is an holistic approach involving life style and attitude to harmonize body and mind.  He teaches the client simple home exercises with attention to correct posture and gait.  I have  benefited in more than one area in a number of ways.  He approaches his work as an art form and I do not hesitate to recommend him.” – E.P., physician

“The bodywork and personal training Jason have done with me have made noticeable and lasting changes — in the form of less pain, more flexibility and greater strength. His knowledge — and continuous pursuit of knowledge — about the body and the way it moves are amazing.” N.M., Public Relations Specialist

I had been in severe pain for over three weeks when I was introduced to Jason. I hadn’t believed he could help long distance through Skype sessions but was desperate so I finally did a trail session! After the initial session that incorporated a screening and thorough history Jason gave me a few exercises to try and taught me how to sit. Within a few days of that trial session I was feeling remarkable results.  I did three more sessions with Jason and he allowed me to record them to watch afterwards. I still have the recordings and share them with friends (especially back to the crack). I have to say I was a diligent, determined and desperate student and he became my phenomenal “movement coach”. I hadn’t considered how my every day movements were keeping my back from healing properly. It was an amazing and literally life changing realization! Now any time I feel that familiar back twinge I begin my exercise routine, even though many of the movements for sitting, getting up, picking things up etc. have been fully incorporated into my regular movements the exercises reingage my muscle memory. I have also considered getting a standing desk but haven’t been able to invest in one quite yet. All this said, Jason provided a complete, compassionate and skillful approach to relieve my chronic suffering from lower back pain. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Jason!” – S.K., Family Counselor

“I’m a runner and I’ve been working with Jason for the past 18months; I consider him an integral part of my training. Jason is very knowledgeable, he’s constantly thinking about what he does and how he can make improvements. I have definitely become a more efficient runner since I began working with Jason and I’m looking forward to becoming stronger and faster.” – M.N., Psychologist

“I trained with Jason at Core Fitness when I was student at Quinnipiac. Jason has given me some of the best work outs I have ever had. I had amazing results because he was very attentive to me, previous injuries, and my body type. He is extremely personable and someone I felt very comfortable with. I had to move back to NY after graduation and it has been nearly impossible to find a trainer as amazing as Jason. He looks at the whole picture, and incorporates every type of training/healing when he can.” J.S., Motion Picture Production Supervisor

“The body work that Jason has done with me has really helped me in many ways.  It not only helped me to eliminate the constant back and hamstring pain I was dealing with, but his guidance on proper body posture techniques while doing everyday tasks has made me more aware of how to protect my body from injury.  As I progressed through the treatments with Jason, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body reacted and readjusted itself and how much better I was feeling overall.  I would highly recommend Jason, especially to anyone that has been dealing with chronic pain.” D.L., VP of Sales and Marketing

“I have worked with Jason on a variety of physical issues over the 6 years that I have known him. He is a gifted practitioner who I have come to trust a great deal. Jason always meets me where I am and is patient with my process, even when it is slow and halting.  He brings full and focused attention to each session and I always feel he has given 110% of his knowledge, skill and understanding.  I’ve always been impressed by Jason’s unflagging fascination with the human body and it’s movement. He is continuously learning and evolving as a practitioner and is willing to go into unknown territory. I find him to be an exceptionally compassionate collaborator in the process of healing and discovering my physical potential.” – E.C., Registered Dietitian

“Thanks to Jason Wright’s alignment work, massage and myofascial release, I now inhabit a more comfortable, balanced and conscious posture. Jason approaches bodywork in a professional, fresh and open minded way. He balances his expertise in massage techniques, musculoskeletal alignment and facsial planes, with a sensitive awareness of the particular need for each client’s body. Jason is personable and thoughtful, his passion for healing the body is evident in his friendly interaction with his clients and mindful hands-on work. Personally, I experienced a tangible change in my posture, in the way I perform in my day to day physical actions, like driving, sitting and walking. I also found myself practicing  applying Jason’s tips and techniques in my more rigorous physical activity, like martial arts, and even in my yoga practice. I am very appreciative of Jason’s dedication to healing the body through his practice. This will be something that remains in my body’s memory for a lifetime. ” M.R., MA, Mental Health Clinician and Yoga Teacher.

“Jason Wright is like no other bodyworker.  As a massage therapist, I send my clients to him to help them better understand their bodies and how to use them.  His approach is unique and VERY effective.  A combination of bodywork and personal training, Jason had found a way to really address the needs of his clients.  I love my sessions with him — I learn something new about my body every time!” – M.G., Licensed Massage Therapist

“I find Jason to be an unusually present body worker.  Jason approaches each client with a curious mind, taking in each person’s story with a sense of openness, allowing him to creatively respond in a direction which is most helpful.  he is clearly well versed in his studies and experience, and has mastered the art of allowing that knowledge to meet his clients’ needs in a manner which addresses the individual.” – R.L., Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor

“I first met Jason in 2002 and I was in bad shape.  Stressed out about college, barely eating – about 800 calories a day, and exercising on my own 20hrs a week. Yet I was sick, tired, weak, moody and all together a mess.  I had met with numerous other health and fitness professionals including several physicians but nothing they said helped me.  I met with Jason and he said he thought he could help me, but what he suggested was at the time it was unheard off – he wanted me to eat more and work out less before he would even see me for a first session.  For some reason there was a sincerity in his voice that made me trust him.  Even though it was difficult, we worked together and my health slowly progressed.  Jason’s proficiency not only in exercise, but corrective exercise, anatomy and massage therapy makes him the perfect person to work with because he understands the body and how it works holistically.  I would send anyone to Jason whether it was a young person looking to exercise for the first time or an athlete who was fragile due to injuries – and I know they would be taken care of.” S.W., Registered Nurse, BSN, Board Certified Cardiovascular Nursing, Yoga Instructor, and Cornell University Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Expert

“Working with Jason was always the most relaxing experience, both body and mind, and helped mediate stress-related issues and a tight back from office work. I always felt completely at ease, due to his calming voice and soothing countenance. Massage with Jason was my first experience, which can be daunting for many, but it has been one of the best choices I have ever made! Though I no longer live in the New Haven area, I continue to this day to receive at least monthly therapeutic massage sessions. Coupled with Pilates, I have a healthy, happy body! Thanks, Jason, for starting me on this path!” M.M., Independent Researcher, Editor, and Curator

“I have been receiving body work sessions from Jason at Bodywright for about 3 years.  I have a deeper understanding of what my body needs and how to hold myself  while sitting, standing and walking with the help of Jason’s adjustments and his articulation of describing the structure of correct body alignment.” K.C., Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher

“Jason’s anatomy knowledge is awe-inspiring! I appreciate his ability to support the body’s functioning to encourage balance- to strengthen weak and to loosen tight areas. There’s nothing that he has recommended that hasn’t been gentle and supportive to my body. Very naturopathic: gentle, supportive, and balancing :) I feel more comfortable in my 40 year old body than I have in decades!” L.W., Naturopathic Physician

“I had the privilege of meeting Jason roughly six years ago, when I was thirty years old and living it up.  I was overweight, and didn’t know it… I was suffering from knee pain, and thought it was normal.  And I ate whatever I wanted, and thought I was healthy.  When Jason and I spoke about my knee pain, he was very professional about how to relieve pain naturally while strengthening and stretching accordingly.  He also referred me to someone to assist my high cholesterol through diet, not meds, which was diagnosed right around the same time that Jason and I started working together.  Suddenly, I found myself eating healthier, acquiring an interest in improving my life, my stance, and the way I moved.  One item in particular that sparked much of this was Jason guiding me towards “Minimalist” footwear.  Changing what I wore (or didn’t wear) on my feet helped me understand how to train properly, and also get a grasp of how the body functioned.  Over the past few years, I have evolved into someone that is highly concerned with what I put in my body, how I exercise, and my overall posture.  I have also started my own venture, helping others eat and feel better, and understand more about what they are consuming.  I owe much of my life-change to Jason, and I am thankful.  Jason has been there for me through a lot of my issues, he always listens and also processes his answer rather than spewing out the first answer that comes to mind… And he is, in my honest opinion, one of the top individuals around in his field.  Whenever I have a question, a new ache, or a new topic that I want to discuss, I run it by Jason for his professional opinion.  Thank you, Jason.  You have inspired me to improve every aspect of my life, and I look forward to working with you for my years to come.” D.L., Desktop Support Technician

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